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Updated: Apr 22, 2022




Inclusivity is at the core of everything we do at KAT and most recently we have had 3 dogs, a horse, 2 geese, a cow and a baby bull join our family… They were all rescues, each with a tragic past, but here is where a new life begins: one of freedom, one of community, one of respect and co existence. Before I break your heart as I Introduce you to each of our new family members let me quickly update you on our peripheral activities…

Over the last few months we have been tuning into mother earth (Gaia) and our newly acquired land is gaining vigour with a whole host of plantation activities… Primarily we are growing fodder for our cattle, and supplementing it with vegetables and fruits, essentially moving towards a self sustaining food chain for all our animals at KAT.

In an effort to provide for our avian friends, we have also planted 10 trees… Not only will the shelter effectively get some respite from the strong summer sun, but our enthralling bird population will also get plenty of berries and nectar and space to nest and frolic….And as an added benefit we’ll get some languid birdwatching moments, almost effortlessly!

We have also revamped some of our old staff quarters, built a new bathroom and added a septic tank, these are preliminary steps but as we grow, with your support and goodwill we hope to one day have a full fledged sanctuary….



Hobbes, had massive acid burns all over his body. The acid had also penetrated through his muscle and damaged the bone in his front leg. He needed an amputation and severe therapy… He has just returned to us after undergoing 3 months of treatment at a trauma centre in Pune, and while he is now a leg lesser than before we hope we’ll be able to make up to him in a way that he doesn’t see pain when he sees another human …

Kaalia, arrived on the 26th of January (Republic Day) so weak he was unable to stand. He had really low hemoglobin and a maggot wound on his genitals just added to his problems. He seemed like he was fading….But not so soon : )

Kaalia is 14 yrs old, and has a tumour on his forehead which is compressing his nasal area. One eye is damaged. The other eye has a cataract, leaving him with almost no vision. Yet just with a nutritious diet, basic medical intervention and caring he has made a remarkable comeback. He is now eating well,

Tyson, a blind blood hound also arrived just 3 days after Kaalia, and on the 1st of February, a horse we named Knight was found abandoned on the road since he was of no more use to his past owner. It had definitely been an active week

Knight is blind in one eye, had wounds all over and was extremely thin. His hooves looked like they had not been groomed for months and months. Now of course, he is in slightly better shape, and slowly we are going to introduce him to the ring where he can move freely while being supervised.

A baby bull Sunny also joined out KAT family, as his mother was killed in a road accident, along with an ageing cow. 2 geese who also came along in February have been integrated into the flock.

We cannot thank our donors enough, who touch our lives with such beautiful gestures. Sparsh Foundation installed a CNG kit in our animal rescue van making it so much more cost effective to transport our pets to the shelter, for veterinary checks and emergencies.



Residing in our very own tribal village in Kalote, Pramila came to us shy and reserved; but her love for our pets is so genuine and seems to increase by the day. She is extremely hardworking and meticulous, and is an asset to KAT. She truly deserves a medal for her compassion and hardwork.


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