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Do you love animals?

Is welfare of animals a cause that you are passionate about or is close to your heart?

Does spending time with furry animals gives you joy & happiness?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then we would love to hear from you!

At Kalote Animal Trust, we seek your support in the smallest possible ways.

We present the following ways in which we seek your involvement. 


Become a Virtual Parent

You are an animal lover but you cannot adopt or bring one home for a variety of reasons, then this our virtual adoption program is the right fit for you.


​In joining this program, you get the opportunity to become a virtual parent / guardian. The program provides you with a monthly or yearly donation plan for the chosen animal from our shelter which will then be used towards food, shelter, toys, blankets, general & medical care for your virtual pet. 

When you become a virtual parent, you will receive quarterly updates on their care, progress and overall wellness alongwith photos and videos – allowing you to feel involved in their lives.

Most of the animals in our Shelter are less likely to be adopted into a forever home. This may be because of medical/health issues, age or some form of trauma. With your support, they can continue to enjoy a carefree life in a warm, safe and loving environment.


Sponsor a Day's Feed!

Mark a special day or occasion in your life by doing something selfless. If it's your birthday, anniversary, a special milestone in your life's journey which you are grateful about, you could celebrate it by donating a sum that can help us feed all our Shelter Animals on that Day!


We shall mark that day with a special mention under your name on our social media handles, our quarterly newsletter  and share photos and videos with you of the feeding sessions! 



An initiative of Selfless Gifting!


Are you looking for a meaningful gift for your friends, family & co-workers? Something that would never go out of style, be returned or stay unused and would guarantee a smile on their face?

Contribute towards shelter animals at K.A.T. on their behalf. They can be emailed a certificate with a personalized message from you. Spread a little kindness, one gift at a time.


Managing the shelter poses its own set of challenges and that can become easy if we have extra set of hands helping us. If you think you can offer your presence and contribute towards the day to day operations or events like sterilization drives, vaccination camps at the shelter. Alternatively, you can offer your help in doing something remotely on a few daily activities as well. Join our volunteer pool and let us know what you can help us with.

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