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Welcome to a world of compassion and care.


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It was in November, 2017 that a small flame of hope was lit and it soon spread its warm glow in many a heart. The Kalote Animal Trust was initiated and today it’s a home sweet home to over 600 animals. Dogs, cats, cows, buffalos, goats, pigs, sheep, donkeys, horses and a variety of birds have found a loving shelter. Each of these animals has an amazing rescue story that will melt your heart and make you marvel at their ability to choose love over a traumatic past.

The Heart Warming Evolution

As the number of animals grew, Sameer ran the shelter with whatever money he could earn from his job and a few random donations from family and like-minded friends. But then things changed with a chance encounter with Sridhar Gorthi and Munish Makhija. Together they nurtured a vision of a land where destitute animals could roam free and happy. They acquired a beautiful plot in Kalote on the outskirts of Mumbai and created their dream animal shelter. Although the first step had been taken, the shelter still needs more financial support in the form of donations or partners who share their vision and belief.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

- Mahatma Gandhi


Sameer Vohra – More than just a Good Samaritan

The heart warming story of Kalote Animal Trust began with Sameer Vohra, a young man returning from Florida in 2002 and settling in Lonavala. He however has no inkling of what destiny had in store for him. Appalled by the conditions of animals around the area, Sameer began rescuing and rehabilitating them in his very house. Thus started a special journey of true grit and compassion that eventually took the form of a trust in November, 2017.


Suchitra Pillai.png

Suchitra Pillai, Actor

I've been to Kalote Animal Trust with my family. This is one place where you can see that every animal big, small, ill, well, handicapped or not is taken care of with utmost attention. Hygienic conditions all around, no animals confined to tiny spaces, and the love that the people who run the place show towards these animals is palpable as soon as walk in and also from the way the animals react to the visitors and caretakers. They are friendly & not agitated. Being there made me believe that there still are totally selfless people around who give their time & their love for the voiceless. Kudos to K.A.T.

Pragya Kapoor.png

Pragya Kapoor, Producer & Former Model

I remember our first visit to K.A.T. as a very unique & special experience. We had visited with our kids & it was such a great learning for them to see different kinds of animals that are usually not seen living together actually living in harmony and peacefully. It was a learning even for me that things we have been taught in the past don’t hold true. There is a possibility that animals can live and coexist together without cages & actually respect each other, even lead a great life together. Pia & Sameer have done an incredible job & their love & passion for animals rubs off on others so it’s a memory that I am definitely cherishing for life. Truly impressed with their efforts which can be witnessed easily through the happy animals at the Shelter. Grateful to the both of them & looking forward to visit again soon!

Kanchi Kaul.png

Kanchi Kaul, Actor

Never seen anyone care & love so selflessly for animals, but all the people behind Kalote Animal Trust. Never seen so many rescued animals of all types live so happily, together & freely with each other. This is a mammoth task, every second of every day & everyone there does everything beyond perfect. WOW!!! Just WOW.

Shraddha Kapoor.png

Shraddha Kapoor, Actor

I’ve visited KAT, had a wonderful vegan lunch with Sameer & saw for myself how deeply compassionate & kind he is. Such a person is truly rare in today's world. I was inspired & filled with awe for the way all the animals in the shelter were taken care off. He truly has such a big heart you can see his kindness through the actions of the animals. It’s been my dream to be, even a wee bit like Sameer but for right now I'm living that dream helping KAT in whatever way I can. I wish I could do more but  I know that every little bit counts.

Sanjay Kapadia.jpg

Dr. Sanjay Kapadia

At Kalote Animal Trust everything is done with love. The fact that it's a cage free shelter, they have proved that the old ways of caging animals is not necessary. Simply follow the pack rules, hierarchy & nature, & everyone can beautifully co exist. Giving a safe haven to many animals from hit & run cases, blind, handicap, cruelty cases and so on its a beautiful paradise for the ones who can't speak. Any form of donations are welcome there old furniture, towels, sheets, medicines, food, even volunteer programs. Help them so they can help the ones in need. 

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